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Pulsewave ® Laparoscopic Suction/ Irrigation System for Cardinal Health

The Pulsewave and Hydroline System resulted from an acquisition by Cardinal of an unfinished device that was non-functional. The original product's pump system was to "infer" the intent of the practitioner by the amount of hydraulic back-pressure in the system. The assumption proved to be completely unworkable, certainly in an operatory environment where reliability is essential. After over two years of exploring other design options, Cardinal gave us a call.

Control Alt Design was called in to "in-fill" technology to the existent product to make it work. A number of different approaches were proposed to the team at Cardinal, and ultimately an electrical switch means was selected.

This design and engineering approach, which had deep impact on all aspects of the system, included redesign of the pump circuit, a bayonet mount pump-to-disposable interface, electrical disposable tubing-set with an ergonomic handheld trumpet valve handpiece, featuring fingertip control of fluid flow and colored valve buttons for easy differentiation between suction and irrigation. All was completed and in production within 7 months.

To create the electrical connection between the pump and tubing set, Control Alt Design created insulation displacement contacts for both the cassette valve side and the pump housing interface side of the disposables, modified existing tooling (without any supplied documentation) and created both a diaphragm pump cassette and bayonet mount receiver for the pump body and even a more reliable pump drive circuit to solve the engineering challenges that previously stalled the pump.

Additionally, Control Alt Design engineered, programmed and built multiple bi-lingual, PLC-based pneumatic assembly fixtures for Cardinal's manufacturing facility to support marketing and productivity demands.

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