Carefusion Safe-T-Centesis Catheter Drainage Solution

This revolutionary thoracentesis device is designed to reduce the risks associated with normal percutaneous needle placement and enhance patient comfort and procedural flexibility. For the practitioner or clinician involved in pleural drainage procedures and interventions, the design of this very small (just over 1") articulating drainage solution is based upon an integrating auto locking valve system that automatically locks an obturator in a distal position until the unit is assembled and docked, and prevents accidental piercings.

Once assembled and docked and during the insertion, the Safe-T-Centesis thoracentesis device prevents the spring loaded needle (the cannula) from cutting through peritoneum inadvertently. It does so by using the obturator to telegraph its contact status with internal walls and organs. This telegraphing of status invokes a bright red visual indicator, permitting the practitioner to "see" what is hidden and avoid peritoneal damage.

Once the distal end of the needle is in the proper location the obturator assembly is withdrawn and a silicone-coated pigtail catheter is inserted, providing safe and effective drainage with minimal discomfort.

This device was awarded Cardinal Healthcare's Technical Excellence Award of Merit and has been in volume production since its introduction.

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Thoracentesis Elements