CryoFire 3 Control Alt Design.png

Cryofire Thermo-Electric (Peltier) - 20 minutes to minus 20C

This is a precision laboratory cooling (and heating) solution, based-upon Thermo-Electric (Peltier) devices. This peltier product is primarily for use in laboratories involved with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) activities where subzero temperatures are critical. The achievable temperature range for this device is -20C to +100C, given a 20C environment. The time it takes to get to -20C is under 20 minutes, which if you understand Peltier inefficiencies is impressive!

In fact, tests validated that the solution we developed actually cooled 300% faster than the industry leader and faster still than the other players in the industry. Yet the design approach we took to develop this pelitier product, which included component selection and manufacturing processes, costs only 40% of the BOM cost of the industry leader.

We can imagine this kind of performance for your next new and improved product...can you?