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NUNI - Tortilla Toaster

Introducing NUNI: the world's first Tortilla Toaster!

Designed and Engineered by Control Alt Design (where technology and art dine together regularly) for Step Ahead, LLC.

The NUNI toaster combines the stove top taste with the convenience of a microwave producing as many as a half dozen crispy, hot and steamy tortillas in as little as 60 seconds with an experience engineered to be superior to results from a traditional comal and with looks befitting any kitchen.

Get away from the stove and enjoy the food...Mucho gusto!

Introducing NUNI™ the world's first Tortilla Toaster designed and developed by award winning product development firm Control Alt Design for startup Step Ahead. Inventor Elliot Benitez teamed up with Control Alt Design wanting to design a toaster that would toast a stack of tortillas faster, easier and be better tasting than the traditional method of toasting on a griddle (comal) or pan.

By exploring the unique challenges posed by toasting the noble and floppy tortilla, the CAD team reimagined the very basic notions of how toasters work by designing a rotating oven!

The unique heating design of the Nuni™ Toaster can amazingly toast from 1 to up to 6 tortillas in less than 1 minute creating perfectly toasted tortillas that are crisp on the outside and soft and moist on the inside, delivering superior taste and texture over traditional cooking methods.

No more flipping or burning tortillas on a stovetop griddle (comal) or pan.


  • Rotating oven
  • Automatic pre-heating
  • Audio and an LED signals when toasting cycle is done
  • Adjustable toast setting
  • Auto shutoff

The unique oven design rotates gently releasing the hot and tasty tortillas glide out onto a plate or cozy when they are at their best. Perfect tortillas every time let you spend time less time at the stove!

Nuni ™ is a registered trademark of Step Ahead Inc.