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Parasound - Halo Audio Amplifier

Parasound Products well known for decades for their high quality audio components came to Control Alt Design with the goal of transforming their visually dated product line that had a plain black aluminum extrusion front panel.

CAD worked closely with Parasound’s owner, Richard Schram and created the award winning design that launched the HALO product line. The front control panel is a curvilinear, bright extrusion that has a wide curved recess where control buttons are located.

The profile of the front panel itself is curved and captures ambient room lighting creating visually dramatic depth.

We designed the control interface to the electronics creating acrylic light pipes, capped with MIM (Metal Injection Molded) Ellipsoidal shaped buttons. Each button is encircled within a glowing blue LED halo...which was the inspiration for naming the HALO product line…thanks to one of Parasound's distributors.

Control Alt Design worked in collaboration with Parasound consultant John Curl, a legend among audiophiles and electronic engineers.

Control Alt Design provided the Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering aspects of the program, created the entire HALO line. The HALO by Parsound Products has won over 50 prestigious awards, worldwide.