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iPod Streaming Audio Player for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Control Alt Design was asked to design a premium multi-source portable audio player for ATVs (all terrain vehicles). What resulted was, and is today without parallel. Here is a 350 Watt, 5 speaker (including a powered sub) sound system that is completely immersible (don't ask), that is built around 5 RF subsystems, including: One-to-many uncompressed audio streaming network capabilities, FM-capable, Wireless iPod connectivity, Wireless bi-directional remote control (sometimes you want the boom coming from behind you with the controls on the handlebars, Wireless inductive charging of the totally sealed remote control.

The product actually included an aluminum-block radiator that was also sealed against water ingress. The product is powered by two motorcycle batteries and/ or from the vehicle itself. Imagine 50 ATVs and 4x4s cresting the hill all simultaneously emitting "Stranglehold". Somehow, I think Ted would run.

Oh yes, and the player passed the notoriously stringent MFI (Made for Ipod) certification process, first pass and it is essentially dishwasher, er...river safe!