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Boston Acoustics onRamp Networked Legacy Source Controller

This was a "spot solution" directed at enabling a legacy audio component to be presented to the distributed audio network. While a legacy component did not have the "hooks" for meaningful net-control that a contemporary file-based component has: this product was a rescue mission for the old dowagers still present in many households that are simply too valuable to abandon.

Because of the quality of the ADC and support components in the device: a very respectable SNR of -105dB was achieved, which was usually far superior to the performance of the attached legacy component!

Noteworthy is that the entire product line was predicated on uncompressed, Red-Book-or-better bit rates (44.1, 48 and 96kSPS) and high bit rates (16-24) to result in recording-quality distributed audio that no wireless topology can bring. The system is capable of providing up to 32 uncompressed stereo streams on a lightly loaded data network with perfect QoS.