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Boston Acoustics MRA-875 Audio Network Enabled Multi-channel Amplifiers

Control Alt Design was invited by Boston Acoustics to create a product line defined by one shared characteristic: employ the "best means" to create a peer-to-peer audio streaming network around a large residential or business setting, leveraging existing network infrastructure such as premise wiring and modern switches and routers.

The MRA-875 series of amplifiers were both audio streaming network enabled and inherently multi-zoned. These two characteristics imbued the MRA line with incredible flexibility and they were targeted at large home and business theater settings as well as a variety of distributed audio scenarios. Like the other members of the Boston Acoustics distributed audio product line: these amplifiers simply plugged-into the premise wiring and became immediately sonically-productive members of the infrastructure.

Noteworthy is that the entire product line was predicated on uncompressed, Red-Book-or-better bit rates (44.1, 48 and 96kSPS) and high bit rates (16-24) to result in recording-quality distributed audio that no wireless topology can bring. The system is capable of providing up to 32 uncompressed stereo streams on a lightly loaded data network with perfect QoS.