Tractor Grip Connector

Twin jackscrew connectors, like the old Parallel (and even old Serial) DB style computer connectors were an unfriendly lot. This style of connector is still used in many industries, including aerospace.

Control Alt Design developed and engineered the TractorGrip connector to solve the flashlight-in-mouth, on your knees, jewlers' screwdriver requirements for making multipin connections.

You simply push the connector into the receptacle and twist the red TractorGrip belt to tighten both jackscrews simultaneously! Could it be simpler or more secure? We don't think so.

The Tractor Grip won numerous industry and design awards, including Good Design from the Chicago Athenaeum, a tough audience. More importantly: the TractorGrip took our first customer, Xircom (now an Intel company) from $5M in sales to $150M in sales in 2 years with millions of units in the field and no returns (at least for the TractorGrip) ;-)

  • tractorgripdb25 undocking 350pw.png
  • tractorgripdb25 docking 350pw.png

No tools, no instructions required.

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