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Beverage Tracker RFid Spout


This wireless Beverage Tracker Spout and Receiver system is installed in hotels, cruise ships and other hospitality venues. It tracks how much liquor is poured in a drink and then matches the number of pours with the point of sale system (POS) at the cash register and reports what bartenders are actually selling. Liquor shrinkage problems are created by bartenders either over pouring drinks or giving them away.

During the discovery phase, we identified problems and established requirements for the new design: sticky liquor residues that built up were disabling functionality of the original Spout and a new Spout had to be dishwasher safe.

Control Alt Design discovered the requirements, created formal specifications, design concepts, refined designs, 3D renderings, models, working prototypes, vendor sourcing to match the right vendors early on in the design process for the right manufacturing processes, manufacturing data and managed pilot production.

Control Alt Design designed a sleek and elegant spout enclosure with unique mechanical elements and features and together with a state of the art flex circuit, based on a MEMS accelerometer, we created a significant IP portfolio and a happy client.


Capton's original product

The original Beverage Spout was failing in the field, requiring that a tech team be airlifted to support the customer. This created tremendous direct costs for the manufacturer not to mention the ill will of unhappy customers.

The original Spout had a variety of problems: Moisture infiltrated electronics causing false positives and malfunction. Incorrect data was being collected producing unreliable system reports. The dated battery and electronics were not only bulky but becoming obsolete and expensive. Inundated with problems the company turned to Control Alt Design to redesign the RF spout.

Elements of the solution

Some aspects of the solution

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batt contact negative 350.png
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integrating instantaneous pour volume over time filled 350w.png
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Installation at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Ok, well here's proof (high-proof, actually).

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While the entire solution is no bigger than two wine corks: the size belies the impressive technology inside. More impressive is seeing 500 of these in a large bar environment, all independently telegraphing pour information to the POS system and turning what were losses and free-pours into deterministic profits. The system has been calculated to have a 3 month ROI. I'll drink to that.

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