Do we all invent?

While millions of Brits swap sun hats for brollies this resourceful frog was snapped sheltering from the rain – using a leaf as an UMBRELLA.

Photographer Penkdix Palme, 27, captured the tiny tree frog during a downpour in his neighbour’s back garden.

The rain-shy amphibian clung to the stem of a green leaf for 30 MINUTES as it was lashed by an afternoon storm.

Penkdix Palme photographed the tiny tree frog sheltering from the rain in his neighbour’s back garden ( Penkdix Palme / Newsteam)

In the amazing series of photographs, the two-inch high frog appears to angle the makeshift umbrella towards the direction of the fierce downpour.

Huge droplets of water gather at the bottom of the leaf and surrounding branch while the clever frog remains dry.


Of course, the little hopper isn't likely to obtain any IP for his invention. ;-)