Control Alt Design Wins GOLD from Appliance Design's Excellence in Design Award

Control Alt Design is the recipient of the Gold Award from Appliance Design’s 2013 Excellence in Design Awards.

The winning product is Capton Inc.’s Wireless Beverage Tracker an RFID liquor spout that monitors liquor poured and wirelessly transmits the pour information on every ounce that is free poured back to the bar manager. Designed to prevent loss without interfering with normal bar and banquet operations, data is transmitted to the bar manager’s computer and a data management system which ties into the point of sale system at the bar cash register.

Every event including pours, placement on-bottle and removal from bottle is a date/ time stamped and transmitted in real time. The sleek looking free-flowing beverage spout is a completely waterproof, self-contained sensor array, RF subsystem and battery.

The award-winning design represents the Control Alt Design’s expertise in engineering, innovation, and industrial design. Central to the solution was a MEMs accelerometer that replaced the traditional Mercury switch, vital to a beverage product. Our solution also embedded a sensor very low inside the elastomeric “neck” of the spout so that cheating (free-pouring) was defeated and making them immune to residue problems. Algorithms were created that significantly boosted the RF range and accuracy of transmissions over that of the competition and other algorithms were created that manage all the activity states of the product, resulting in a device that spends over 99.9% of its time “sleeping”. This approach assured that we exceeded, by a factor of >10x the company’s expectations for pour life.

Appliance Design’s annual awards are juried by a panel of independent judges from industry associations. They select from submitted designs based on a scorecard of elements, including innovation, simplicity, and strong functionality for the user. Other considerations are optimized capabilities, environmental footprint, and energy- and cost-savings. The winners are published in the June issue of Appliance Design magazine and archived online. http://www.appliancedesign.com/articles/93620-eid-gold-wireless-beverage-tracker